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What's happening in the Seacoast for and by teens.

Short Story by Solyana & Erin

It was a rock with a keyhole. The rock was shining in the sunlight, and Claire instinctively reached to her necklace. The silver key fit into the rock’s keyhole and the rock moved to the side! Claire and Erin gasped and looked at each other. It was a hole, a pitch black hole. Cautiously they climbed into the hole that lead to a tomb full of amazing and historical treasures of a pirate. They tried to dig around it but whenever they did an odd sound of shifting tiles sounded. Then something started to slowly rise out of the sand covered in rust and seaweed. It was a golden tablet. The tablet had strange writing on it, and a small door was on the side. When Claire opened the door, a shining light burst out and the girls were sucked inside.

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A Short Story by Claire Turnbull & Mica Wishengrad

…CLUNK!  A wooden treasure chest with gold coins spilling out was revealed. Pandi the panda pulled it out of the sand and put it on her beach chair. The beach goers to her left had their mouths open in awe. Pandi the panda carefully opened it up. Then she screamed. She saw a warm, golden light wrapping around her like a blanket. It encased her and she faded. The light disappeared, yet it was bright and warm. Her eyes were closed and she was swimming far, far away from her beach, from everything she knew and loved. Far, far away. Finally she landed and felt hard metal… coins below her feet. She was in the treasure chest.

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