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“Friendship” 友誼 – A Haiku by Claire

Funny and helpful

Thoughtful and inspiring

My friends are awesome!!

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“Love” 愛 by Erin

Love 愛 is a way to think about others. Love is a way to find peace. Love is standing side by side. Love is being who you are and sharing it with others.

Learning, loving, standing straight, that is all that matters.

You can do anything if you are filled with love.

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“Eternity” 永 by Noah Miller

If I lived for an eternity 永, I would do it all.

I would travel to the moon and invent gravity boots. I would build a time travel machine and go to the past. All that would be possible in just a day.



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“Dreaming” by Anna Jarvis

When I look up at the sky,

I only wish to fly.

When I’m here on the ground

I wish not to make a sound.

But every minute I’m here

with you,

Is a minute I spend dreaming,

so true

So every time I look at you

I only seek the love that’s




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“Oyster River Herald: Alien Sighting in New Hampshire?” by Anna (a fictitious news article, “Spark a Reaction” piece)


“I couldn’t believe my eyes!” said a local of Durham, NH as she was walking down the path at Wagon Hill at night with her three buddies. Suddenly, one of her friends, 14 year old Paige Newton, screamed. Just as a strange, bright light appeared on the hill at 8:13PM.

Just as suddenly as it came, the light suddenly left. But their friend was no where to be seen. All they could find were huge marks in the grass, in a weird, extra-terrestrial design. But, when the three who remained thought it was over, they were wrong…

The very next day, the girls went to school at Oyster River Middle School and the whole premise was covered in a green goop. But, many students were missing, 20 total.

All their parents say that they had gone to school for a social, but never returned. The many others at the social had to be hospitalized for multiple fractures and deep cuts on the arms and neck.

Could this be the work of extra-terrestrials? Or, a horrible college prank gone wrong? See “Aliens,” pg4a

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“Oyster River Herald” by Claire (a fictitious news article, “Spark a Reaction” piece)

Pandelia Lou Lou was walking her dog Bamboo at 7 am sharp just like any old Monday morning. She and Bamboo were crossing Madbury Road when a big shadow covered the morning sun. They, of course, looked up and saw a hot air balloon! “It was just like an eclipse.” Pandelia said, “an unexpected event.”

The hot air balloon was green with pink polka dots and it was three feet above the trees. There was also a report from Chuck Pinewood who was taking a walk. “It was a huge balloon with one person in that giant thing!” And we soon found out that, Sparky Flopper, an eleven year old girl was flying it. Of course she had experience.

Based on the hot air balloon incident, we found out that all middle schools in the state of New Hampshire have mysterious slime in them. After hearing the news, the F.B.I. came and questioned Sparky and declared her innocent.


So the questions are, who or what got the slime in the middle schools and why was Sparky flying the balloon?

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“School Slime” by Erin (a fictitious news article, “Spark a Reaction” piece)

All Oyster River Middle Schoolers entered the school baffled. There is green slime dripping from the entrance walls. The phone rings. The same thing has happened at the Dover Middle School. More and more calls are coming in. All middle schools in the world are covered in slime. The principal sends everyone home. They call the fire department. The firemen’s hose can’t wash the green slime. They bring in scientists. They say you can only wash the green slime off with lemon juice. Then something good, but weird happened. It started raining lemon juice. The slime was removed, but they had to wreck the roof and the ceiling. The roof and ceiling was built back and the middle schools taught school once more.

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