Write Away

What's happening in the Seacoast for and by teens.

Part 1

Hmm… What to do what to do. My teacher gave us a really stupid assignment today: to think of a land real or imagined that we don’t already know about then describe the culture the clothing they where as well as some of the holidays they celebrate. But I can’t think of anywhere! Uh oh I’m in deep do do. Later that same evening right before I go to bed I think of something. Great it’s the worst possible time to think of something, it’s 11:45pm I’m not even supposed to be up and I have an idea. Slowly I get out of bed and sit in my comfy bean bag chair with the note book she gave us to write our ideas down in and a pencil. I frantically scribble down my idea and when I look back at the clock it’s 11:59pm hurriedly I put the notebook in my desk and clamber into bed. I’m asleep in a moment so I don’t feel the warm crisp clean hands pick me up and drive me away leaving just a note saying ” please DO NOT worry I have gone away I will be back before late morning. Your daughter, sapphire! 
That morning I wake up in A totally unfamiliar place made totally out of —– what—–they look like but, can’t be sapphires! Ah what’s going on!!!
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