Write Away

What's happening in the Seacoast for and by teens.


My feet fly up the slippery trail

the wind carrying the smell of the bay.

I have to get there on time

she could be waiting for me.


I pass the rusting swing set

Mommy tries to keep up.

I beat her up the rickety wooden stairs

through the doorway.


Voices drift in from the other room

I tear off my jacket as I search for her.

I catch a few kids’ eyes

they quickly turn back to whatever they were doing.


My heart pounds its way up my throat

disappointment washes over me.

She’s not here yet.

I scan the room

she’s not by the blocks or in our corner.


My arm gets caught in the huge jacket I was forced to wear.

Mommy’s long fingers carefully slide the sleeve off

I quickly hug her goodbye

and zoom past the shelves

into the other room.

She must be in here.


I’m greeted with bright comforting colors

snacks laid out on the long table.

Our project for the day

set out at our spots.


Izzo’s mouth moves

she must have said something.

But Izzo’s not the one I’m looking for.

She can’t be late

she can’t be.


My excitement is consumed by despair.

I sulk out of the room

the carpet whispering as I go.

My little fingers brush the smooth blue wall

conversation grows and shrinks around me.


A tiny figure rushes past the window

small little thuds come from the stairs

the door creaks as it is pushed open.



She’s here.

Her eyes shine as they take in the room

Her smile grows as she notices me standing there


She’s as excited as me.

The room brightens as we both sigh in relief.

We’re both here.


The distance between us disappears in the blink of an eye.

We wrap our arms around each other.

I whisper in her ear

happiness showing through my voice

“You wore the dress.”

“You did too.  Do you think it will work?”

She whispers back as Izzo walks over.


We pull away from each other to look at her

though our hands remain entwined.

“Hello girls.

Look at those beautiful dresses!

Now who’s who?”

She points to me.

“You must be Alice.”

She points to Alice.

“And you must be Annie.”


We glance at each other and burst out in giggles of pure joy

we laugh until we can’t breathe anymore.

until everyone in the room is watching us.

But why should we care?


We’re AnnieandAlice.

or AliceandAnnie if you like that better.

That’s one word by the way

just so you know.

Our lives are locked

our paths combined.


Without Alice

there wouldn’t be an Annie.

Without Annie

there wouldn’t be an Alice.


We’re best friends forever.

Forever and always.

After all we’re wearing the same dress.

How can we not be friends?

Actually I think the correct term is sisters.

Sisters by choice.

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