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What's happening in the Seacoast for and by teens.

The Green Egg by Mica Wishengrad

Once in the heart of a dark forest, a huge green egg began to wiggle violently and then thrash, and suddenly out came a small little cat.  But it flew into the air and when it plummeted down it had become the size of a small, little tiger.  It did this many, many times finally turning into the biggest dragon there ever was!  At the very moment that it came down, a small girl was walking into the heart of the forest right where the dragon was.

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A Poem by Mica Wishengrad

Thank-you Mr. Ferry

You have a daughter named Carrie

who is like a fairy

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Laundry Baskets by Madeleine Triff

Laundry baskets,

so much in it,

a car

or a turtle

a cage with bars

an astronaut seat

with upright buttons like stars

Turn on the exhaust

and whoosh!  There

you go in your own Honda car

Take turns being

turtles clashing around

or I trap may cat

while fooling around.

Yes, laundry baskets

are fun until your

mom… fills them with laundry.  Ha!

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Peppermint by Madeleine Triff

Spicy, minty

full of pep

wakes you

up when you

are down

makes your

skin all soft and healthy

yes peppermint

can be your

best friend.

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Spring by Madeleine Triff

Spring has sprung!

Snow is long gone!

Days are long!

The Long has gone!

Fun! Fun! Fun!


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