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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time,

There was a rose.

Cut from the bush,

And sold to a boy.

He gently placed it in his backpack,

Then mumbled to himself,

“This better work.”

It bounces around with his binders,

On the bus to school.

He sprints down the crowded hallways,

Arriving at her locker first.

Cradling the rose,

He slips it inside,

Along with a note.

“I hope she likes it.”

He slowly sneaks away to his own locker,

As she strides confidently down the hallway.

She opens her locker,

He steals glances at her as he puts his books away

Her smile fades as she scans the note.

Her fist crushes the stem of the rose,

Her knuckles turning white.

She tears the note into little pieces,

And his heart falls apart.

She stomps over angrily,

Everyone turns to watch the show.

Tears begin to leak from his eyes,

And quickly he wipes them away.

She crushes the rose,

And slams it against his chest.

“I will never be your valentine.

You are a monster.”

Petals flow to the ground,

As she turns and stalks away.

He falls to his knees,

Cradling the petals to his chest.

“I’m sorry.”

–by Annie Hanley-Miller

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the scent wonderful,

yet sad,

fills you

with happiness

yet sorrow

king of oils

and put in

rice we

bow down

to you.

–by Madeleine Triff

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Valentine’s Day

Hooray! Hooray!

It’s Valentine’s Day

Hearts as red as roses

Valentine cards with

laces around with little

candies sticking out.

Red ribbons, banners,

all hanging about

in schools or windows

just hanging out.

Chocolates for someone

in a heart-shaped

box or candies that

are sour or maybe

some soda pop!

Just come along and sing a

Valentine’s song!

–by Madeleine Triff

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I’m a writer

I’m a creator

I’m a peace bringer

I’m a actor

I’m a doctor

I’m a daugther

I’m a thinker

I’m a giver

I’m a bringer

I’m a lingerer

I’m a bingoer

I’m a lotterer

I’m a lover…I’m a fighter…

I’m me.

–by Madeleine Triff

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