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Book Review by Annie Hanley Miller “Tapestry Strands of Yellow and Blue” by Cady Elizabeth Arnold

“I awake sensing danger.  A deadly silence has crept into the room.  Grady lies perfectly still, her breathing shallow and rapid.  Gone are the restless movements I have witnessed for the past two days.  Upon the battle field, i stood by seriously injured men.  I know the look, the sounds, and the smell of death.  Death is present here filling my nostrils with its pungent sweet odor.  Death is slowing her breathing.  Grace opens her eyes and stares at the upper corner of the room where a ceiling beam meets the wall.  The expression on her face is glowing, almost eager.  She reaches out her arms to someone or something I cannot see.  She smiles a shy smile of greeting.” 

Now if I read this passage and I hadn’t read the book, I would definitely want to read it.  This book is one of those books that you can’t ever put down.  I finished it and still want to read more.  But I have to wait for the second one.  This is a must read.

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