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An Ode to Seinfeld

                                      By Dragomir Dimitri Dragovitch

                                  What is the deal with that ovaltine

                                     It is not even shaped like an oval

                                                      It is a cylinder

                                     It should be called cylindertine

                                    O great Seinfeld you make me laugh

                                         On at 7:00 the hilariousness starts

                                            Channel 14 it was channel 16

                                               Right before the Simpsons

                           With friends like George Castanza the jobless clutz

                                        Cosmo Cramer the crazed funnyman

                                                         Elaine the only girl

                                        And Jerry the professional comedian

                                               Yes nothing beats Seinfeld

                                            Nothing except the Simpsons

                                                                 And myself

                                               But that is another poem

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Ninja Bear Found in Local Woods

                                          By: Dragomir Dimitri Dragovitch

                                         (a writing exercise from a photo of a bear running in water)

The bear was last seen in the buscamos woods yesterday at 10:47 pm.  Local rednecks asked to comment on this bear refused to answer.  ” This bear is so ninja it could take on the yeti, the abominable snowman, and Chuck Norris at the same time”  says Joey McNelson, a local hunter and former Chuck Norris fanatic.  The only known photo was taken by Mr. McNelson.  What he failed to capture was the squad of navy seals that attempted to neutralize the bear.  Authorities are warning locals to not approach this bear.  They are telling you to call the hotline if you see the bear.  The number is, 1-800-what-the-crap-im-going-to-die-2784. 



Did You Ever Wonder Why…

                                                    By Annie Hanley-Miller

Did you ever wonder why the sun is bright?

Why plants use sunlight to grow?

Why humans and animals use plants to grow?

Why anything needs to grow?


Did you ever wonder why leaves grow on trees?

Why humans and animals use trees to help them live?

Why trees use humans and animals to help them live?

Why anything needs to live?


Did you ever wonder why words mean what they do?

Why strawberries are called strawberries?

Why grass is called grass?

Why words are words?


Did you ever wonder why you or I lives upon this earth?

Why are we here?

Why isn’t there answers to our questions?

Did you ever wonder that?


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Picture Story

 By Annie Hanley-Miller

I may just look like an ordinary house.   I sit on a lake.  I have a nice looking porch.  Colorful chairs,  pretty windows.  That’s just part of their plan.  To make me look like a happy house,  where a happy family lives.  Don’t believe them.  I hold secrets.  Some that you would not believe.  But you must trust me.  Events took place here.  But I’m not sure if you want to hear them.  Do you?   You do?  Well there’s no way you’ll make me tell you.  But I will tell you the result of one of the events.  In the closet in the parents room on the second floor, on the top shelf there is a box.  In the box is a head.  She has blond curls and freckles.  She has blue eyes.  She is the daughter of this “happy” family.  

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Writer’s First Meeting of the Summer 2011

Will and Annie have started our Summer 2011 writer’s group which will meet again next Thursday, July 7th at 4-5 pm. Join us if you can. We are hoping to come up with a new name for the blog and post some book reviews, lists, movie reviews, poems etc… We did a fun writing starter using the game “Yamodo!”. Check back for some posts. You can email, me, Lisa, the Children’s and Young Adult Librarian your writings at ekleinmann@ci.durham.nh.us and I will post them. Join us next week or email me your writings!  Keep Writing!

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